Our last record introduced a new musical partner in Janet Simpson-Templin, whose singing on 'All the Time' is the record's highlight. It's fitting that the closing song on our final EP, 'For Count Grishnack', is a song that we originally recorded during the sessions for 'I.'

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BBC Sessions

Aaron Gemmill came down from New York to do a tour with us playing pedal steel. What we had worked up after a few practices was so good that we decided to record a live EP of the touring band on our day off in Austin. We conceptualized it as a live radio broadcast.

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Sing the Burning Alphabet

We had a transcendental show in Portland, playing as a stripped-down trio of guitar, lap steel and barely any drums. From that, we discovered how electrifying a more naked sound can be and set out to make a record that would be a reflection of that.

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Our first EP is a collection of tracks from two different sessions recorded several months apart. For the first session, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing and went into the studio after only a few practices. The resulting songs I'm still quite surprised by.

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